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Law firm Avbreht, Zajc & Partners, Ltd.
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SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Law firm Avbreht, Zajc & partners is registered trademark and design agent in front of Slovenian intellectual property office and as representative in front of Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, Alicante, Spain.

Bar Associaton of Slovenia

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Ana Lešnik Sitar

Attorney at law, Partner, Procurator

T: +386 (1) 434 54 00
F: +386 (1) 434 54 04


Ana Lešnik Sitar is an attorney at law and partner in Law firm Avbreht, Zajc & Partners, specializing employment law, civil law, contract law and real estate law.

University Degrees and studies

Law Faculty, University in Ljubljana (Law Degree 2005)

Practice Areas


BAR Association of Slovenia


English, German, Croatian, Serbian