Practice areas

Public-private partnerships and Concessions

We advise clients in the field of public-private partnerships with the aim to enable and promote private investments in the construction, maintenance and management of public-private partnership facilities and equipment and other projects that are in the public interest and/or public co-financing of private projects that are in the public interest, as well as to ensure the economic and efficient delivery of economic and other public services.

Our law office offers advice with regard to choosing the most appropriate form of public-private partnership – concession, public procurement or equity partnership (through establishing a legal entity, selling of a share, purchasing of a share), and with regard to the distribution of risks in the public-private partnership. Further, our law office offers comprehensive advice in the public-private partnership procedures, i.e. in the preliminary procedure, in the preparation of all required resolutions, acts, public tenders, contracts and other documentation. We also advise in the phase of implementation of the public-private partnership contract, in monitoring its implementation and in case of any disputes between the public and private partners.

We further advise our clients with regard to all other types and forms of concession relations and conclusion of concessions.


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