Practice areas

Competition Law

Our services include counselling and representation services in the field of competition law, before the national competition protection authority, the European Commission and the courts. Within the framework of our services, we offer comprehensive support in notification of concentrations, we advise on the restrictions imposed by competition law in relation to operations in the market (prohibition of restrictive agreements, prohibition of the abuse of a dominant position, prohibition of unfair competition practices) with the aim of ensuring compliance of your business. Further, we offer representation in proceedings for violations of competition law. We advise and represent in administrative, minor offence as well as in civil procedures.

Our experts participate in larger trainings and events, where they cover various topics in the field of competition law as moderators or lecturers. They also lecture in internal training courses of individual economic operators organized for their employees. Further, they are active in the field of written contributions, as they are authors of numerous articles, including in international publications, as well as of commentaries to individual provisions in the commentary of the act on competition law (ZPOmK-1).


Within the scope of our services, we offer comprehensive support in notification of a concentration (merger, acquisition of control, establishment of a joint venture), from determining compliance with the legal and economic conditions for the onset of concentration to the definition of relevant markets and the analysis of the impact of concentration on these markets. We advise and represent you during the entire notification procedure – preparation of the concentration notification form, obtaining and submitting of additional information in the concentration assessment procedure, representation at possible oral hearings, advising on the proposal of corrective measures, lodging of legal remedies.

Further, we offer advice in the field of restrictive practices, which occur through restrictive agreements and the abuse of a dominant position. In this regard, we offer advice regarding all forms of contractual relations, especially in the field of distribution, franchising, supply, licenses and other forms of business cooperation. By formulating appropriate proposals, we help our clients regulate their business relations in a way that they comply with competition law. In cases of procedures before competition authorities, we provide our clients with full support of counselling and representation, from legal assistance in the course of inspections at the clients’, preparation of comments on the summary of the relevant facts, advice on the offering of commitments, to lodging of legal remedies.

Finally, we also offer advice in civil matters, especially in the field of claims for compensation, where we advise our clients on how to effectively enforce their right to compensation for damages resulting from anticompetitive practices.


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