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Law firm Avbreht, Zajc & Partners, Ltd.
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SI-1000 Ljubljana
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An independent member firm of Warwick Legal International Network. www.warwicklegal.com

Law firm Avbreht, Zajc & partners is registered trademark and design agent in front of Slovenian intellectual property office and as representative in front of Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, Alicante, Spain.

Bar Associaton of Slovenia

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Real Estate

We offer consultation regarding all legal transactions in connection with the conveyance of real property, management of real property, acquisitions of real property, financing of real property, and so on. Further, we place entries in the land register and, together with experts in the field of land surveying, we perform division of real estate into floor ownership.

Our services in the field of Real Estate include:  

  • Acquisition, sale, exchange and other means of conveyance of real estate.

  • Entries in the land register.

  • Mortgages.

  • Division and entry in the land register of floor ownership.

  • Representation in all kind of matters regarding acquisition, sale, exchange and other means of conveyance of real estate.