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Law firm Avbreht, Zajc & partners is registered trademark and design agent in front of Slovenian intellectual property office and as representative in front of Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, Alicante, Spain.

Bar Associaton of Slovenia

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Advertising and Media Law

Legal challenges on the filed of advertising and communicating are in modern society of particular interest. We have developed an effective program of providing advice and assistance on the field that is connected with media communicating. Especially actual is legal assessment of the use of advertising communication, event management, play contest rules, etc. Consumer protection law is also connected with this field.

In the field of media law we regularly represent our clients in civil and criminal cases dealing with privacy and personality rights, freedom of speech and press.

Our services in the field of Advertising and Media Law:  

  • litigation in legal disputes regarding media law, defamation and invasion of personality rights
  • providing advice and assistance regarding communication plans and advertisements
  • providing rules of play contest
  • providing general terms and conditions of contract
  • providing advice in the field of consumer protection law
  • providing advice in the field of personality rights law
  • personal data law
  • demand for the publication of a correction and demand for the publication of reply in accordance with Media Act
  • overall legal assessment of event organization (application procedure, application for permits and approvals, copyrights of participants and contractual relationship, organizer’s liability)
  • sponsorship agreements